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How To Decide Whether You Should Repair or Replace Your Roof

Home Roofing

Your roof is what we call “your other foundation!” It’s extremely important to keep you safe and protected, especially from all the weather brings. You might be wondering when it’s the right time to talk about getting a new roof. The first step in making this decision is to get a professional analysis; there’s just too much the average homeowner doesn’t know, and you need to enlist the help of a reputable company with lots of experience. It could be you only need a repair, but please call us today at Division Kangaroof if you’re unsure what to do.
Here are some things we’ll help you consider:

The Age of Your Roof

Most roofing experts say that a typical roof should last for around 25 years. But there are other things to think about before thinking this is true. For example…the last time there was a roof installed, was the older roof totally removed and is there just a single layer of shingles…or was it done “from the ground up” with full ventilation. Your roofing contractor in Gainesville and surrounding areas in North Georgia must be aware of this information in order to correctly help you make decisions

You Should Inspect Your Shingles

If you see buckling or curling of your shingles, all indications are you probably should be talking about a new roof. Another common indicator is if the shingles are losing their granules. If you determine this is true, then your shingles have, no doubt reached the end of their expected life.

This is just the short list of things to think about when considering what to do about your aging or damaged roof.

Division Kangaroof offers a wide variety of services from basic roof repairs to complete new roof replacements or installations. Our workmanship and reputation is quality, so please get in contact with us today should you have any questions concerning “your other foundation!”