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What to Expect With a New Roof Installation

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It’s a big step when you have a new roof installed, and you really ought to be aware of some things.  The team of roof contractors in Gainesville, GA who will be doing the work is very accustomed to doing their work, and they often forget that it’s all new to you, the homeowner, and they may fail to communicate what you can expect.  So, in case your roofing professional isn’t so good at filling you in, we’re writing this blog post to tell you generally what to expect.

How Long Will A New Roof Take?

To install a new roof can typically take between 1-3 days without any interference from Mother Nature (weather).  Of course, you have to consider the square footage of your new roof, and how many angles and specialties you’re including.  It’s not uncommon for your roof to be replaced while you’re away at your office or job, but you should talk to your roof contractor to be sure your decision-making or approval isn’t needed, thereby requiring your presence.  And this is sort of personal, but remember the workers will need access to a restroom during a long day, and you should discuss this with your Gainesville GA roofing contractor to be sure it’s ok for them to enter your home, under the supervision of the general foreman.

Taking Out the Trash

It’s standard to have one or more portable dumpsters delivered to your residence.  Don’t worry – they won’t be there long but will be invaluable in keeping your yard neat and clean.  Old shingles and materials to be discarded will go in the containers.

Bundles of Shingles

You can expect that LOTS of shingles will be arriving prior to the start date of your new roof installation. You should discuss with the roofing contractor where you want these placed on your property, so as not to disturb the coming and going of you and your family.  A signature may be required, so be sure to ask if this will be the case.

Take Protective Measures

Prior to the installation process beginning, you should clear your lawn and patios, etc. of anything which might be damaged by anything that may fall off the roof – shingles, tools, for example. Be mindful to take precautions to protect any landscaping or outside furniture.

Believe it or not, you should also think about some things inside your home.  Take down any pictures and remove any valuables or breakables from shelves where they could slide off with a lot of jarring and vibrations from what will be happening on the roof. It will be noisy for a while, so also think about small children and pets.  You don’t want them frightened unnecessarily, so you might want to have someone keep them elsewhere while your roof is being replaced.  Also, if you have a gate to your yard, the workers may need to leave the gate open for easy access in carrying materials, so please talk about this with regard to any outside pets.

Don’t leave bicycles, trucks, cars or motorcycles near where the work will be done.  You should park far away from the edge of the house where the roofers will be working.

When the job is completed, the roofers will pick up any fallen debris and nails from the ground, but you should double check, especially looking for nails.

Roof installation can be noisy and a seemingly chaotic event, but it will all be just a memory within a few days to a week, and then you can enjoy your new roof for decades to come!