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Winter Roofing: Upkeep & Repairs You Can Do Now

Gainesville Ga Winter Roof Maintenance

Many Gainesville GA property owners come across a variety of roofing problems during the winter, including snow accumulation, ice condensation causing dams and damage to shingles, gutters, and flashings. Normally, fall is the time to prepare your roof for the winter season, but if you’re dealing with concerns now don’t stress out — specific roof repair work needs to be dealt with as soon as possible, even if they take place in the winter.

Whether you are behind on your roof maintenance or your roof has developed a leak, we have pointers to help you through cold weather without a hitch.

Winter Roof: Upkeep & Fix You Can Do Now

Winter Roofing System Maintenance

Examine the roof and seamless gutters for damage and degeneration and any signs of ice accumulation or icicles forming– specifically after a winter rainstorm, snowstorm or an extended cold streak. Guarantee your downspouts and fascia are not blocked by ice, snow or other debris such as roaming branches or dead leaves. Get rid of excess snow buildups with a roofing system rake.

Flashing and Chimney Repairs

Your Gainesville Ga roofing contractor is likely to be able to manage any repairs of this kind, paying very close attention to temperature levels so that the adhesives utilized in repairs do not freeze. Fortunately, for most winters in Georgia, there are a variety of days above freezing temperatures that are conducive to roofing system work.

Shingle Repair

Shingles that are pinned down or use other kinds of metal fasteners can be fixed and replaced at any point in the year. Extra care is needed, nevertheless, to prevent breaking or cracking roofing materials that are fragile. A skilled roofer will have no problem with this job.

Seamless Gutter Repairs

Rain gutters play a big role in keeping your roofing system dry and clear throughout the wet winter season. Gutters can be either installed or repaired as efficiently throughout winter as in the warmer seasons as long as the day is dry, Keep your seamless gutters clear throughout the winter to keep an effective drainage system for your home.

Roof Replacement

Numerous types of roofs, consisting of wood, metal, and asphalt shingled, can be changed no matter the season. Flat roofs, specifically those made from rubber, however, have to wait until spring. The primary reason is the adhesives utilized in this type of roof are temperature-dependent.  If the temperatures remain below 40 for a period of time, there will be problems with the adhesive.

Do not Delay Your Roof Repairs Till Spring!

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