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Roof Repair Problems That Lead To A Leaky Roof

Causes of Roof Repair in Gainesville

Let’s face it—we don’t think about our roof unless we have to. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Well, that’s all good until a leak happens to end up in roof repairs. Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind is to get a licensed roofing professional to come to inspect your roof. However, most people don’t like spending any money on “potential” problems, so there are some other things you can also do on your own to look for problems with your roof.

While we tell you these things, keep in mind that if you don’t have time or the inclination to take responsibility for watching out for these issues that could cause your roof to leak, you can call us for a simple service call and Division Kangaroof will handle it for you.


Gainesville GA Roof Repairs

Perhaps no one on earth loves TV like Americans! More and more of us have subscribed to satellites services that allow us access to more and more channels. These satellites are usually installed on your roof. You may not realize that your roof can be damaged in the process of satellite installation. If you must place a satellite on the roof, make sure that the area on the roof is waterproofed properly to avoid the anchoring system of the satellite damaging it. If not, this could easily create weakness in the structural part of the roof, causing a leak.


We hate having to deal with gutters, but they serve a very real purpose and need to be kept clean. Their primary purpose is to remove excess water from the roof, so if they get backed up, you’re looking at roofing problems. Backed up gutters will always lead to a roofing leak!

Common Sense 

It might seem silly, but next time you go outside, just take a moment to glance up and visually inspect your roof. Look for broken or loose shingles. If you see any, get them repaired right away so a leak can be prevented. Also, be sure and remove any branches, trees, etc., from the roof right away. If left unattended, they too can cause damage to your roof.

It’s admittedly hard to get motivated to fix any problems with your roof when it’s sunny outside with beautiful weather. We all are more conscious than ever about the money we spend, but just remember that you will be saving yourself money by dealing with a roofing leak before it happens. The cost will be much greater if small problems are ignored, so do yourself–and your wallet—a favor and get that roof inspected by a qualified roofing professional!