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Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency Roof Repair

To find that your roof is leaking can be disconcerting, at best.  You have probably loaded up your home with furniture, artwork, and even handmade items that are important to you.  You always have expected that your roof would keep your family and your belongings safe from the elements. Dripping water can cause panic, no doubt about it!

If you are seeing a leak from your roof, it’s probably been raining.  That means your roof is going to be slick, and no one should consider crawling up a ladder to walk around on a wet roof to try to perform an emergency roof repair.  To slip and fall would be too big of a chance to take; it can happen quickly and much too easily.

However, before you call in a professional who handles emergency roof repair, it’s wise to try to sum up the situation from the ground.  See if you can see where the leak is originating; if not, don’t worry…your roofing professional will find it quickly enough.

It Could Be a Chimney Leak

If you have one or more chimneys on your roof, this area is a prime suspect in discovering a leak.  There is a metal flashing around a chimney and it may have been blown loose from the wind.  Also, roof cement can become separated from the chimney during certain temperature changes and most certainly during extreme weather conditions.

What About Vents?

Your roofing system also has one or probably more vents that can let water begin to leak into the inside of your home.  These vents serve several purposes.

  1. Attic vents to release hot air
  2. Plumbing vents from the bathrooms
  3. Dryer vents to allow the hot air to escape while running the appliance

This list is not exhaustive, but any emergency roofing contractor will probably start looking around the vents first.  All these roof vents are typically sealed with roof cement or metal flashing.

Call in a Roofing Professional with Experience

Please don’t try to do emergency roofing repair yourself!  It’s not as easy as you might tend to think.  Forget about climbing a ladder with a container of roof cement, slapping it on and thinking you’ve fixed the problem.  As with anything, there is a correct way and an incorrect way to do a job.  You don’t want to play around with your “other foundation” –  your ROOF!

The repair of your roof, particularly in the case of an emergency roof repair is better left up to an expert who will see things the untrained eye will miss!