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Christmas Decorations That May Damage Your Roof

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Christmas is fast approaching and many are almost done putting up their decorations. There is no restriction as to the kinds of Christmas decorations that you can see on the roofs. A lot of homeowners even commercial property owners go all out just to catch that Christmas spirit and take part in this festive season.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the beauty of the Christmas lights or the inflatable Santa and his reindeers smiling joyfully at passers-by. When you are too excited about that Christmas feeling, the last thing that comes to mind is the safety of your roof. However, keep in mind that there are no Christmas decorations that are worth risking damage to your roof, and paying for the needed roof repair after the holiday season has passed. Provided below are some of the Christmas decorations that may cause damage to your roof.

Christmas Decors That Are Not Roof Friendly

There are certain kinds of holiday decorations that are suitable for the roof. However, this does not include a full-sized imitation of Santa’s sleigh. Your roof might not have the reinforcement it needs to accommodate the weight of this kind of decoration. It may damage your roof without you noticing at first. Signs may start to show up after the festive season has passed.

Glowing plastic figures, as well as other inflatable decorations, may not be such a good idea for your roof if you don’t practice caution. High winds can easily blow them away if you forget to secure them properly. If you don’t want your decorations to tear your roof apart, be sure to secure them using the right materials.

Decoration Tips To Follow

This does not mean that you cannot set up Christmas decorations on your roof. You just have to take precautionary measures so you won’t end up having to pay for costly roof repairs after the holidays.

Don’t use staples. Using staples to secure decorations like Christmas lights on your roof should be avoided. If you do this, you will be breaking the barrier that protects your house from the harsh and varying elements brought by mother nature. For instance, stapling anything on the roof could lead to leaks that would cause moisture to develop underneath the insulation or shingles, which encourages mold growth and reduces your home insulation.

Use plastic clips. Instead of using staples, you can utilize plastic clips instead. These are recommended for Christmas lights while sandbags and bungee cords are advised for plastic Rudolph or Santa.

Don’t overload. You should avoid putting too much weight on your roof. You will find decorations that are made of high-quality plastic, which are lighter in weight. They are more suitable to put on display on your roof without running the risk of damaging it.

Hire a pro. If you want to make sure that your Christmas decorations are installed properly and avoid unnecessary roof repair Gainesville GA, you should get in touch with a reliable roofing company.