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What To Do Before Your Roofing Contractor Arrives

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You suspect your roof to be damaged and you’ve already scheduled an appointment with your roofing contractor. While waiting for the contractor to arrive at your home and look at the potential damage on your roof, there are some things you can do to help in the possible repair process.

Assess the damage

If possible, come up to your roof and find out where the exact location of the damage is. You also need to write down everything you noticed that made you suspect that you have roof damage. You will need to provide every information and detail that you remember and have encountered since this will help the contractor narrow down the list of the potential damage that your roof might have as well as the corresponding repairs.

Aside from helping the contractor find the exact location of the damage, assessing the damage and current condition of your roof gives you a basic idea of the repair to be provided. Thus, you will less likely to be scammed and tricked into paying for more than the needed repairs.

Prevent or limit interior damage

Because you can’t do anything about the particular damage to your roof until the roofing contractor arrives, you are left to deal with the interior damage which is a consequence of the damage to your roof. Help prevent or limit interior damage by covering leaks or removing furniture away from the direct path of leaks. If possible, remove everything inside the room that is below the damaged part of your roof. Otherwise, move them away or cover them for protection.

Call your insurance provider

Once you get an idea of the extent of the damage to your roof, call your insurance provider to confirm whether or not the repairs will be covered. You may want to confirm as well what types of repairs and specific types of roof damage they accept. Make a note of their responses and discuss this with your roofing contractor.

Hire only a professional roofing contractor

Work only with a professional roofing contractor to ensure your roof will be efficiently repaired. Do not entrust your roof to substandard service providers, as they can potentially provide you with more problems than repairs and solutions. Seek proof of their certifications and skills and call their previous employers to get an idea on their performance and how they handle stressful situations.