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Secure Your House Against Summer Storm Damage

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June 1st is the start of hurricane season in South Carolina. Summer season frequently brings heavy, damp conditions, followed by furious storms. While these do have the tendency to clarify and cool things off (at least for a couple of days), extreme wind, rain, and thunderstorms also have the potential to destroy all or part of your Gainesville home. Secure your house against damage from these forces of nature with the following 7 ideas.

Fallen Trees

A raving summer windstorm is capable of splitting big branches or even uprooting whole trees, threatening nearby cars and power lines, your house (especially the roof), and your family. Take preventive action by routinely checking trees and shrubs around your home. Try to find loosely attached limbs, diseased trees, dry rot, or insect invasion. Any of these problems indicate that the tree is most likely to shed a branch or worse. Work with an expert to cut the tree or if necessary, remove it totally. Safeguard yourself against another type of risk by ensuring the tree service you call is completely insured and correctly geared up with security gear– tree removal can be risky work!

Surge Protection

Lightning can periodically cause a power surge (an uncommonly high quantity of electrical power briefly rising through the circuitry). This is not good news for your delicate electronic devices and appliances, such as computer systems, digital washing machine, and so on, which may wind up permanently damaged. Installing whole house surge protectors can avoid this situation, however, they are not foolproof. If severe weather is anticipated, unplug private devices or power strips from their outlet (don’t simply turn them off).

Power interruption

Prepare for the inescapable– summertime storms frequently cause regional power outages that might take hours or even days for the energy business to remedy. Stock up on emergency lights and non-perishable, ready-to-eat food. Never utilize fuel-burning gadgets designed for outdoor usage only, such as gas or kerosene grills, inside the house due to the fact that these produce carbon monoxide, a gas which is odor free and unnoticeable yet possibly deadly. (And by the way, setting up CO alarms on every floor of your house is a fantastic way to keep your loved ones safe.) Think about purchasing a generator as a standby source of electrical power.

Roof Damage

In the middle of a rip-roaring summertime thunderstorm, you really want a great solid roofing system over your head. Check your roofing frequently, at least twice a year, along with after any severe weather, looking for buckled, broken, or missing shingles or any other signs of wear and tear. This can generally be done utilizing field glasses, with your feet planted safely on the ground. Prompt roof repair work will help keep you and your valuables dry and will help prevent the need for a more major repair further on down the line. For anybody who lives in a hurricane-prone location, roofing clips or hurricane straps can prevent a much more severe problem– having your roofing system actually blown off by the force of the wind. Call Division Kangaroof for a roof inspection before storms hit the area.

Water Leakages or Floods

Rain and floodwater that get into your home can do extreme damage to furniture, electronic devices, and other valuables, in addition to the structure of your house itself. Ward them off by sealing fractures in places like the foundation and walls, beside doors and windows, and on the roof around the chimney and vent pipes. Clear dead leaves or other debris from your rain gutters and downspouts, so that even a relentless downpour will be directed away from the structure of your house. If you have a basement, defend against flooding by setting up a sump pump, preferably one with an automatic wetness sensor.

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