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5 Metal Roof Myths Debunked

metal roof

It is fascinating to know that many individuals do not know that much when it comes to a metal roof. In the past, a metal roof was associated with an old rusty farm but now, it has gained popularity among residential and commercial property owners. However, many myths have been going around about metal roof. Provided below are five of the most common ones and the truth about them.

  1. Metal Roof Poses Higher Risk Of Getting Struck By Lightning

A metal roof does not increase the likelihood that your home will get struck by lightning. As a matter of fact, as this happens, the metal roof will assist in dissipating the charge. Additionally, your roof will not catch fire since metal is noncombustible.

  1. Metal Roof Creates A Lot Of Noise When It Rains

Metal roofs found in barns in the past generate loud noises when it rains. This is no longer the case in today’s metal roofs. The modern metal roof is set up on top of plywood, a sturdy sheathing, or sometimes on top of an existing roof. Because of this, the noise that it generates is comparable to what is produced by a typical asphalt shingle roof. In most cases, a metal roof is much quieter compared to a non-metal roof and will shield the noise from bad weather.

  1. Metal Roof Is Expensive

A metal roof does not cost a lot of money. Surprisingly, a metal roof is much less costly than asphalt shingle roof provided that you stay on your property long enough. It increases the value of your property and also cuts cooling costs. A metal roof can help you save up to 50% in energy costs during the hot summer months. Lastly, the metal roof might be the last roof that you will be installing in your home or building as long as it is mounted by a professional roofer.

  1. Metal Roof Will Corrode

Metal roof these days is created to last for a very long time. This kind of roof as a metal coat that acts as a protective layer. It is made of aluminum or zinc and it is bonded to the metal and then painted so it could stand up against the harshest weather conditions while providing homeowners with a visually pleasing metal roof.

  1. Metal Roof Will Have Lots Of Dents

You should also know that metal roofs are made to stand up against several years of abuse from tough weather conditions. A metal roof Gainesville GA is not susceptible to dents even with hail or extremely high winds. Moreover, a lot of today’s metal roofs are rated for 120 mph winds and can withstand hurricanes. It is not even surprising to see metal roofs with no dents at all after a heavy storm.

Bonus – You Will Damage The Metal Roof If You Walk On it.

Even though you need to take the needed precautionary measures before walking on a metal roof, you should know that stepping on it is unlikely to cause any damage. However, you should avoid doing this if it is raining because metal roofs tend to be slippery.