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Is A Ceiling Stain An Indicator Of Roof Issues?

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Because it is not a standard practice to gaze up when inside our house, our ceilings frequently go unnoticed and neglected by many property owners. They are simply not a concern up until they pose a visible issue, and then we scramble to have them fixed! Ceiling discolorations are unattractive and can arise from a long checklist of possible causes. A pest infestation, growth and mold and mildew, chemical spills, water leaks, and more, are all probable perpetrators behind the unsightly ceiling stains.

So what are your ceiling spots informing you? Your initial thought may be that it is an attic or roof issue, while your second thought is possibly clouded by stress, anxiety, and concern of an expensive repair or home remodel. Read on so you can ease your mind by finding out whether or not ceiling spots are a sign of a needed roof repair service.

The Source of Ceiling Stains

Moisture is one of the most common reasons why stains in the ceiling show up. That dampness can quite possibly be from water leakage in your roof, but it could additionally be from a pipe leak in your wall structure, attic, or perhaps pee buildup arising from wildlife infestation. Until you locate the source of the dampness, you cannot be really sure what is causing your ceiling problems. Added causes for stained ceilings as well as moisture buildup include old caulk, inadequately mounted or malfunctioning HVAC ductwork, malfunctioning shower pans, stucco wall cracks, chimney cracks, faulty plumbing lines, and inadequate plumbing insulation.

Despite the actual source, it is imperative that you take action today after finding an intensifying ceiling discoloration in your home. In order to secure your house’s structural stability and your savings account, you have to right away stop whatever it is that is triggering the moisture accumulation in your ceilings.

Roof Inspections

Your roof is among the most essential features of your house, making it one of the most considerable financial investments. Consequently, it is important, to begin with your roof to determine if it is the primary source of the problem. Hire a licensed as well as an insured roofing contractor for a specialist roof examination service. They have the appropriate devices, understanding, and also resources to carry out an extensive evaluation and assessment of your roof’s total condition.

Capturing a roof problem early on is invaluable. It could indicate the distinction in between a minor change or roof repair Gainesville GA service, and a huge, pricey, invasive repair work. As soon as you can cross your roof off the list of possible ceiling stain perpetrators, you could move on to plumbing as well as wildlife control evaluations.