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Do You Need A Metal Roof?

metal roof

metal roof has long been linked to a zinc sheet used in sheds or as an elegant finish on house designed by an architect. The metal roof has evolved over the years and various wonderful options are now available in the market.

Metal Roof: The Available Materials

The kind of metal that is ideal for your roof is a key factor when considering the appearance and the price. Among the more cost-effective alternatives is aluminum. It offers good value for your money because it is durable and long-lasting. Galvanized steel is also a good option due to its proven longevity. Zinc is among the famous choices and looks more attractive compared to a shed roof sheet. However, the other available choices that you may consider include stainless steel and copper. Metal Shake, which is a design that mimics authentic wood, comes in different finishes. Plus, it is naturally more durable compared to wood. You can also find metals that have a faux stone finish. In case you have environmental issues, you can choose from roofing options that are created out of what they refer to as natural metals, which create a patina as it ages and they blend really well with their surroundings, plus they are 100% eco-friendly.


Just like the available metals in the market, there are lots of style options for you to choose from if you are considering the installation of a new metal roof. You are no longer limited to corrugated sheets. You will find a wide array of metal paneling such as plain, ribbed, and snap locking. They are also available as invisible or visible fixing. If you want your house to maintain that conventional or modern look, you can choose from the different designs from tiles and shingles. They are also available in different finishes and shades. A metal roof is also a fine option if you want the roof of your house to look like it is made of Welsh grey slate or Spanish tile.

The Benefits

Apart from providing your house with a new and stunning look, there are several practical advantages to using metal roof Gainesville GA. First of all, metal roofs are easy and fast to install especially if you use panels. They’re also far lighter compared to traditional roofs. It is also seven times lighter per square meter compared to roof tiles. This means metal roofs work well if used on fragile buildings.

Other advantages include:

  • Durability and Longevity

Metal roofing does not rot or crack and it does not curl or warp. Neither shingles or panels break or split, they do not burn or break, and the finishes are not susceptible to peeling. Metal roofing is also known for being resistant to thawing and freezing. It could stand against snow, wind, hail, and fire.

  • Low-Cost Maintenance

Apart from the periodic brushing down whenever leaves get stuck, there’s minimal maintenance needed. In case you have painted over the natural finish of the metal roof, you will have to look after and recoat it accordingly.

  • Long-Term Warranty

Because of the durability and longevity of the materials utilized in a metal roof, installers and manufacturers are pleased to give long-term guarantees and warranties.

  • Efficiency

Metal roofs can help you save cash with lower heating and cooling expenses. Some materials were even revealed to cut costs by about 40% when compared to the standard roofs.

  • Increased Home Value

Installing metal roofs can also increase the value of your home and this can is beneficial once you decide to sell it.

  • Improved looks and curb value

With an array of design options, a metal roof will complement any kind of home and will fit with any local community. They’re also perfect for old buildings that need new roofs because they can update the looks of the building without having to change its original look completely.

  • Eco-friendly

Apart from being energy efficient, saving energy once used, a metal roof is totally 100% recyclable and don’t add to landfill areas.

  • Easy Installation

A brand new metal roof could be placed over a current roof without having to get rid of the tiles or shingles that are pre-existing. This aids in lowering the price of a brand new metal roof installation and cut down the mess that needs to be cleared up.