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Need A New Roof? Check The Underlayment

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new roof could be among the biggest expenditures that a homeowner will have to deal with sooner or later. The length of time that you have lived in your home will have an impact on when you need to replace your roof. If you have lived in that house for quite some time then you may very well need to get a new roof. So, when the time comes that you need to install a new roof, be sure to pay close attention to your home’s roofing underlayment.

Your roof’s covering, may it be a metal roof, asphalt shingles, wood shake, or perhaps any other material, is only a water shedding component. Roof coverings aren’t water resistant! Strong winds will drive rain up below the shingles. Ice dams could also result in water backing up on the roof and then seeping underneath the covering. Storms could also cause significant damage to the main roof covering, like from hail or flying debris, permitting the water to enter the deck and inside the building.

The roofing underlayment takes on a few functions. First of all, it offers a non-permanent water shedding cover for the roof as you install brand new shingles. Once the installation of the primary roofing is complete, the underlayment will then become the second protective layer that will safeguard your house from water infiltration. An excellent roofing underlayment must take on this function for the whole life of the main roof covering.

For quite some time, asphalt-saturated felt had been the first choice of roofing contractors when it comes to roofing underlayment. Many of them continue to make use of it these days simply because it is the most cost-effective thing to do. The felts nowadays aren’t what they were more than a decade ago. They have significantly less asphalt content right now compared to what they used to have. The price of asphalt has also increased over the past ten years. Meanwhile, the manufacturers of felt have lowered the amount of asphalt that felts contained so as to keep the costs low. Even though the cost stayed low, there was a notable decrease in quality.

The most basic underlayment is the 15 or 30-pound roofing felt. It must only be utilized in case the homeowner does not have the expenses to purchase a much better underlayment or perhaps he or she just do not care. It will easily tear. It wrinkles when it comes wet and apart from that it will not last the entire life of your home’s roof covering. Wrinkles coming from the wet felt could also transfer through asphalt shingles, therefore, providing your roof a creased visual appeal.

Getting a new roof Gainesville GA is among the biggest and most important expenses that you will have to face as a homeowner. Always remember that without a roof, you’ve got no protection for your loved ones or belongings from various kinds of elements. Purchase and set up the most suitable and high-quality roof covering that you can find and be sure to use top quality, synthetic roofing underlayment. Doing all this will make sure that your roof will not only look better but also last longer.