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Signs That You Need A New Roof

Roof Repair

Homeowners need to contact professional roofers right away if they notice signs of roof damage. And in terms of deciding if you require a roof repair or need to have a brand new roof, it is highly recommended to work with a reputable roofing company that can offer you a cost analysis of the total damages. But before all that, here are some of the most common signs that your home needs a new roof.

Based on the materials used, a roof could last up to 40 years (and may even reach as long as 100 years for slate roofs). But, residing in a fairly “young” house does not mean you do not need to know the standard indications that you need a new roof. If you are thinking how will you recognize these signs, then you found this article at just the right time.

So grab some coffee, sit back and relax – we’ll help you learn the straightforward signs that guarantee you need a new roof.

Noticeable Ceiling Spots – Do you notice persistent water spots that are damaging your beautiful ceiling? These stains are called ceiling spots. They occur if you have a leaking roof. In most cases, a quick roof repair can deal with a leak or two. However, if your ceiling is home to a colony of leaks, then it is time to get a brand new roof.

Roof Buckling – If some parts of your roof’s shingles resemble folded pieces of paper, then it is bad news: your roof is buckling, which commonly takes place when a roof was incorrectly installed, or may have deteriorated as time passed by, as with older roofs. Unfortunately, a roof repair will not be able to correct this major issue, so you need to call in the roofing experts and ask for a fair quote.

Roof Is Decaying – Several homeowners mistake algae for rot; but, one issue is simple enough and does not demand major repairs, while the other is grounds for a brand new roof altogether. Roof algae are much more widespread in Southern states (because algae thrive in humid and warm weather conditions) and could be fixed by changing the shingles with new ones. On the other hand, decay takes place when the roofing mat soaks up the moisture in the air, resulting in the disintegration of the shingles and the roof becomes unstable and weak. In cases like this, it is recommended to hire a Gainesville GA roofing company who can determine what is plaguing your home, because an incorrect diagnosis may cause you to spend thousands of dollars for a fix that you do not really need or the problem grew bigger and more expensive to correct.

Leaks and Blistering– Blistering happens if moisture gets trapped in the shingle – it is a common indicator that your roof does not have sufficient ventilation. If you are also dealing with ceiling leaks, then a basic roof repair won’t work. Again, get in touch with the professionals to determine what they could do; it’s likely that they are going to propose a new roof altogether.

In these instances, obtaining a new roof can help you save lots of money in pointless and irritating repairs. Find out if your home insurance covers your roof repair or roof replacement, and ask for a free quote from a reliable professional roofer.