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What to Consider in Choosing Your Roofing Replacement

Roof Replacement Gainesville GA

Once you’ve decided to replace your roof, there are some decisions to make concerning your new roof.  This might seem confusing and you may have no idea where to start.  Division Kangaroof wants to help you, lending our expertise in these decisions.

Here Are the Main Considerations for a Roof Replacement:

  1. The Style of Your Home

Think about the style of your home; you’ll want a roof that complements your home.  You don’t want your roof to look like it doesn’t match the overall look of your house. It is possible to simply have your roof replacement blend into the look you have now, or you could choose a design that would gracefully and subtly change the look. Of the many options, you could think of, there are gable roofs, A-frames or perhaps a flat roof design.  Perhaps even a combination.

  1. Materials Used

In addition to roof design, choosing a quality roofing material is critical, not only in how your roof looks but when you consider the longevity of the new roof. You can choose from shingles, wood shake, tile or even the ever-growing popular metal roofing. Each of these choices may also include different textures.  Your choices are many!

  1. Cost

Different roofing materials and styles have a variety of associated costs. If you are working within a certain budget, it’s worth considering the overall cost of each material and style. The least expensive roofing material is asphalt shingles; the most expensive is slate or metal. Consider the pros and cons of each material and style when choosing a Gainesvlle GA Roof for your home. For more information on choosing a metal roof, see our blog post on the subject.

  1. How Long Will Your Roof Last?

Another important consideration is the expected lifespan of your roof. A homeowner does NOT want to replace his roof every few years. Considering the lifespan a roof is not a small decision, you want to get it right the first time! Every material has a different lifespan: a slate roof or a metal roof will probably outlive you, while a cedar or shingle roof will last 15-20 years at best, barring no unforeseen weather problems.

  1. Maintenance

Keeping your roof clean is an important part of roof maintenance. You will have to think about overhanging trees that may be a cause of regular debris buildup on your roof. Climate and weather can also be two important environmental factors that you cannot ignore. Regular roof inspections will be important for a responsible homeowner.

Of the many decisions you, as a homeowner, will make, choosing your roofing system is an important one! Division Kangaroof hopes this article will help you.  You should always seek professional advice on a decision of this magnitude.