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How Snow And Ice Affect Your Roof


As a homeowner, you need to be responsible for your home and that includes maintaining and taking care of your roof on a regular basis. Although you might have other important things to think about, you should spend some time understanding how snow and ice can affect this part of your home. Winter storms can have a great effect on the structure as well as the condition of your roof. You need to have a full understanding of weather damage for you to be able to detect these signs and take the necessary steps to fix the damaged roof.

Heavy Snow Accumulations

Although heavy snow is responsible for different problems during winter, among the most typical but severe issues that it causes is its accumulation on the rooftop. When this happens, the weight of the snow results in a great deal of stress, which if left unattended will weaken the roof eventually. Apart from the noticeable roof damage problem, snow can also help worsen the condition of the roof shingles by melting and then freezing once again into ice. Once this happens, a significant amount of moisture penetrates the shingles, which, as a result, expands and then gets worn out prematurely.

Ice Dams

Ice dams are developed once the ice and the snow on top of your roof melts, and before it gets the chance to be drained, it refreezes on the sides and eaves of the roof. The ice that is formed on your roof will stop the water from running off, which means water will look for another way out and that may be through the roof shingles until it turns to leaks. There are instances when so much ice builds up, creating huge ice dams that lead to the flashing or the rain gutters to be detached from the roof. If you currently have problems with these, what you can do is loosen the ice using a chisel or scrape as much as you can using a rake or broom.

You may also seek out the assistance of expert roofers like Division Kangaroof when these problems arise. Let the professional roof contractors resolve your snow and ice roof problems. Trying to climb the ladder during the icy and cold winter months and attempting to get rid of too much snow and ice can be extremely dangerous. Because of this, we recommend that you get in touch with the experts to handle your winter roof damage problems.

You should also give some serious thought to any current roofing problem that you might have. Contact a professional roof contractor Gainesville GAlike Division Kangaroof right away and get your roof issues fixed. Do not allow the ice and snow of the winter season sneak up on you. Prepare your roof and avoid costly roof repair problems in the future.