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Historic Downtown Gainesville GA

The city of Gainesville is located in Georgia, United States and stands as one of the most richly endowed cities in terms of history. Its history begins way back in the year 1880 where it started out as a camp known as, Mule Camp Springs. Here settlers from Europe and other Americans sought refuge. Later in 1821 it was renamed Gainesville, to give honor to General Edmund P. Gaines, who was a hero, military surveyor, and road builder. At its genesis, it had only two very key events; resort center, and the springs that attracted many people.

In 1870 the area had started seeing growth; this was because of construction of the rail road in southern Georgia that made a stop at Gainesville. This helped it in a way to make connections to other markets around, hence have a booming business. People came in and out of the developing city with others opting to stay. It started to have a population increase because of the influx of visitors. The rail road helped it get commodities raw cotton that developed the textile industry. With development evident, the installed the first street lamps, and started delivering mails in early 1905. Its post office opened in the year 1910.

Around 1943, Jesse Jewell established a poultry industry in north Georgia. This has now become the city’s largest agricultural crop. It is thus the reason as to why some people call Gainesville the Poultry Capital. Several years later, Lake Sidney Lanier was constructed along the border. It covers more than 38,000 acres of land. This has boosted the services at Gainesville by changing it into a recreational center. It has outdoor recreation facilities like, water sports and incomparable dinner. This has attracted many people in Georgia. It is just the place for romance and rekindling of love. It also served as an avenue for rowing, and kayaking medical competition.

The city has sponsored new social activities because of the long streets available, called downtown streets. This would include later include, the spring Chicken festival (2003), the art in the square gathering, and Dredge Fest in the years 2004 and 2008 respectively. In the latter year, it reopened some facilities. These were, Fair Street Neighborhood Center, Linwood Reclamation Facility, and The Longwood Park Fishing Pier.

This now becomes the historic downtown Gainesville in Georgia; A place where the world can travel to and spend quality leisure time. It started as a small settlers home, business center, and now a recreational center attracting people the world over.

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