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Taking A Look At Lake Lanier Gainesville GA Fishing

One of the most popular hobbies in the United States is fishing. Devotees to the sport are on a never-ending quest to find that “perfect spot.” Lake Lanier Gainesville GA fishing has been a big draw to those fishermen looking for a location that provides plenty of fish, diversity of fish, and beautiful scenery.

Lake Lanier Gainesville GA is a reservoir that was formed with the completion of the Buford Dam on the Chattahoochee River in 1956. The shoreline runs for approximately 7000 miles around its 35,000 acres of water. It was originally built as a means for flood control for the city of Atlanta and to provide hydroelectricity, it is also now heavily used as a recreational site for canoeing, jet skiing, fishing, boating and house boating.

The lake is widely known to offer a great breeding area for multiple species of fish. It is unique in that cold water is supplied from under the Buford Dam thus supporting the spawning of various species of trout including rainbow, broke and brown trout. The region is plentifully stocked by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

Trout are not the only species of fish found in this lake. Anglers looking for bass will not be disappointed. Two species indigenous to the lake are the striped bass and the white bass. There are seven members of the sunfish family common to the lake. Two of the most popular for fishing are the black crappie and the largemouth bass. Members of the gar, perch and catfish families can also be found swimming here.
Another exceptional quality about Lanier is that successful fishing can be had year-round. Of course, some months are more conducive to catching certain fish. For example, those looking to reel in striped bass may wish to concentrate their efforts during the months of January and February. March, April, and May usually represent the overall best months to fish.

For the fishing competitor, there are a plethora of tournaments held during all times of the year. Some are sponsored by local businesses and others are sponsored by charities, both local and national. Fees to enter these tourneys typically run between $50 and $100 and can lead to large awards of money as well as a coveted trophy for the being the one with the biggest catch.

One of many beauties of Lanier is the wealth of offerings beyond fishing that are available. Those looking to complement their fishing experience with other activities will not be disappointed. Lanier has become a destination for golfers across the United States. Golfers will discover beautiful courses on or near the shores of the lake. Camping and hiking opportunities also prevail near and around the lake. One of the more popular trails for hikers is the Buford Dam Trail.

A visit to Lake Lanier Gainesville GA can provide a memorable experience for the fisher and the non-fisher alike. The fisherman will be pleased with the quantity and diversity of fish, the serene beauty of the surroundings and the vast size of the lake itself. The beauty is sure to captivate anyone, fishing or not.



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