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Why Gainesville Roof Inspections?

Gainesville Roof InspectinWhich part of a house is the source of over one third of all house owners’ insurance coverage claims? If you answer “the roofing system,” you’re right on the money. A dripping roof is not simply annoying, however can lead to all sorts of problems. For instance, moisture and mold arising from a leak will threaten your home’s structural strength, as well as your physical health. Water leakages can even enter your electrical system, where it might cause power outages and fire hazards. A Gainsville Georgia roofing contractor roof assessment will identify prospective problems before to they become major.

Why Do You Need a Professional Roofing System Evaluation?

The purpose of a roofing system inspection is threefold– to evaluate which roof repair projects are needed, if any; to approximate the roofing system’s remaining life expectancy; and to provide a certificate of assessment, which might stand for 2-5 years, depending upon your location. This certification can be a selling point if your home is currently on the marketplace.

When you are in the process of purchasing a house, do not expect your house inspector to completely check the roofing system. Although they will mention any problem indicators noticeable from the ground, the house inspector will not carry out a roof assessment and cannot provide you a quote of just how much longer you can reasonably expect the roofing system to last. That is the job of a Gainesville Georgia Roofing Contractor.

Nor is roofing system evaluation a job for the layperson. Walking around on the roof when you have no idea what you are doing is dangerous for both you and your roof. An experienced roofing inspector is experienced in safety procedures and has the appropriate equipment. What’s more, a qualified roofing inspector can identify potential problems which are not readily evident to the untrained eye, for example hail damage that will result in leaks.

When Should Your Roof Be Checked?

There are 4 specific times when it is recommended you have the roof inspected:

1) After a new roofing system has been installed to guarantee that the work has been completed according to Georgia’s building code.

2) Following a significant storm, such as a hailstorm or thunderstorm, to validate whether there has been damage to your roof and allow you to file an insurance claim, if relevant, within the deadline.

3) When you are preparing to sell your home, or have an interest in acquiring a new property.

4) As part of regular household preventive maintenance.

Do not assume that your roofing system will be problem-free for the entire period of your warranty. You cannot rely on your warranty to save you if you have roof issues. Always check the mall print. Frequently a guarantee will specify a regular expert roofing evaluation as part of the necessary maintenance that you are expected to carry out.

What Will the Gainesville Roofing Contractor Take a look at?

The roofing inspector you employ will have an in-depth list of items to assess. These consist of:

* the roofing material (its current condition; is it damaged, the wear and tear, loose or curling or missing shingles or fasteners; granule loss that is greater-than-normal).

* the exterior structure of your roofing system (drooping or other deformation; staining; deterioration; damage to the flashing, soffit, or fascia; rain gutter obstruction or insufficient pitch).

* condition of the roof’s interior from the viewpoint of the attic looking specifically7 for  staining or dampness, leaks in the roofing system or window leakages.

The inspector will also examine and examine recent repair works that have been made to the roofing.

Upon conclusion of the examination, the inspector will issue a composed report, keeping in mind any problems and suggesting follow-up action if necessary.

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Why Gainesville Roof Inspections? July 13, 2016


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